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Marketing Intellignece Solutions

PenPath gives brands the power to seamlessly answer any business questions using their data. We believe businesses should be able to leverage all their data living across all their platforms and turn it into usable information that leads to better decisions and measurable results. 

Values We Live By

Create “wow” and “love it” moments

Seek to understand then to be understood

Care with passion and excitement

Pursue excellence

Love to learn and grow

Be proactive

The Leadership Team

Alex Cruz

Founder, CEO

Brandon Thomson

Head of Product

Tom Dunn, CPA

Head of Finance

Pierre Kpodar

Head of Security & Cloud

Chris Whitehead

Sales Manager

Nick Szabo

Head of Marketing Technology

Tianran (Rena) Zhao

Business Intelligence

Salle Ingle

Public Cloud Engineer

Chris Peckham

Sales Advisor

Shawn Schulze

Marketing Advisor

Jaime Alvarez


Chuck Vallurupalli



PenPath ETL Partner - Improvado
PenPath ETL Partner - Fivetran
Connect Shopify API to any business intelligence Tableau or Looker dashboard

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Taimoor Aslam

Data Developer

Alec Zhou

Data Engineer

Bimal Patel

Frontend Developer

Imran Khan


Ruohua Jennifer Ding

Business Intelligence Developer