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Marketers today are struggling to keep up with their data:

Too many dashboards & sources of information.
Your data is completely siloed. Every time you add a new tool to your stack, you create another data source. Who’s going to review all these data points regularly?

Lack of integration & consolidation.
To get the data you want, you need to build pivot tables and work with spreadsheets constantly. Then you put these into PowerPoint reports that are quickly lost and forgotten.

Restricted team communication.
Waiting for the weekly or monthly report before making new decision hinders the ability to be agile. The lack of a centralized dashboard with real-time data can cause teams to miss big opportunities.

Expensive to build an in-house analytics team.
Hiring a team to build your database, integrations, and visualizations is expensive. Most marketers continue to rely on assumptions based on limited data.

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