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Unlock Ecommerce Growth With
Automated Insights Accurate & Cleaned Data Performance Alerts ROI Clarity Brand Engagement Executive Visibility

PenPath is the ecommerce analytics platform that turns all your data into helpful insights so that you can scale revenue and minimize marketing waste.

Budget Planning
Overall ROAS is 13X across all our brands. This is led by Facebook at 15X but Amazon is now also at 10X ROAS.
Simple Analysis
Net Revenue is up by 20% YOY. This is primarily driven by Amazon more than Shopify.
Get Peace of Mind
True Conversion Rate is down by 36% compared to last week. Organic traffic seems to be driving this.
Better Team Communication
Footwear is our fastest growing category. 30% of new customer orders have products from this category.
Branding Insights
Organic engagement is up by 82% led by Instagram Video and younger demographics.
KPI Insights
Overall orders are 17% ahead of where we need be to reach our $33M EOY target.


Revenue Growth Insights

Understand how you’re pacing towards your KPI targets and diagnose what’s driving growth or slowing you down.

  • Growth Forecasting
  • Performance Diagnosing

Budget Allocation Insights

Simplify budget planning and get real-time clarity across all your paid media efforts. See performance holistically and diagnose problems with just a click.

  • Budget planning
  • ROAS optimization
  • Attribution enrichment

Customer & Product Insights

Understand how you’re acquiring more customers, who they are, and what they are buying.

  • Customer Behavior
  • Product & Category Trends
Attributed Ad Spend
Average ROAS Increase
Impressions Tracked

How PenPath Scales Ecommerce


Connect All Your Business Platforms

Ecommerce brands have data living across many platforms which can be challenging to keep up with. PenPath aggregates all your data, cleans and enriches it so that essential KPIs and insights can be automatically generated. PenPath works as your data pipeline and refinery. Data is also stored so you don’t lose historical performance, even when your platforms delete it.

Connect all your platforms with just a couple of clicks. The rest is taken care of.


Immediately See Growth Opportunities

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Customer

  • Product

  • Content

Once your data sources are connected, data will be updated daily. PenPath provides turnkey dashboards and reports with powerful filters and interactivity to answer your most pressing questions. Automated reporting will eliminate most of your manual work and simplify internal communication. Looking to customize further? This is also possible.


Follow Step-by-Step Growth Playbooks

Ecommerce leaders who are in the driver’s seat must have access to all KPIs and insights with just a couple of clicks. However, knowing where to start and what to do next may require some guidance. PenPath provides essential resources and support that will help you know exactly how to navigate your data, know what to do, and focus on optimizing performance.


Increase Revenue And Meet KPI Targets

When you have all the information you need and a strong measurement strategy foundation, sustainable growth is achievable. Ecommerce brands of all sizes can benefit from creating a data-driven culture, following first principles that maximize revenue and minimize wasteful marketing spending.

Leading Brands Trust PenPath With Their Data-Driven Growth

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of insights does PenPath provide?

PenPath supports businesses by giving them unmatched visibility across ecommerce, marketing, sales, customers, and products. Understand what’s driving success in greater detail. Decision-makers can now have the insights they need to optimize growth and minimize loss. Book a demo to speak with a PenPath representative and see how insights could help you achieve your objectives.

How customizable is the platform?

PenPath offers unmatched flexibility where you need it while also being turnkey where you want it. This means that dashboards are prebuilt with filters and interactivity which cover most use cases, however, if you’d like to build your own dashboard from scratch, that is also possible in our Customer Dashboard Environment. As your needs evolve rest assured your analytics will be able to keep up.

How often does my data update?

Having access to fresh data is key to success. We rely on data from many different platforms so we work to have fresh data for you every morning from the prior day. This allows you to detect possible issues before they become major costly problems. More importantly, you can set up alerts to notify you when any metric you want to keep an eye on hits any threshold you set.

How does investing in PenPath make me more money?

Investing in data analytics is like investing in a gym membership. If you want results, you need to use them. We understand this so as a platform, we provide unmatched support and guidance that helps our users get step-by-step playbooks on how to hit their revenue targets. Ask your sales representative about our ROI calculators and playbooks.

“PenPath has been a major asset in helping us track & understand all of our ecommerce efforts.”


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