22% Increase in New Customer Acquisition

After receiving insights on the PenPath dashboard


Miniature Market, an online gaming store, was acquired by a large multinational company. With the acquisition came an ambition to accelerate Miniature Market’s performance further.

The leadership team at Miniature Market was thus presented with the formidable task of achieving aggressive growth targets. The lack of a centralized data analytics platform further challenged their decision-making.

This led to things internally breaking and requiring careful analysis for a successful and scalable approach. The analytics team was expected to organize and understand their data to gauge progress toward the quarterly revenue targets.

Transitioning to Google Analytics 4 posed additional challenges due to its complexity and limitations.


  1. Set up automated alerts when the performance falls below a 7× ROAS threshold.
  2. Establish automated reports to gain real-time insights.
  3. Achieve visibility across all ad platforms and revenue sources for budget allocation and executive visibility.
  4. Gain guidance on what KPIs are a priority and align internal efforts accordingly.


With PenPath’s assistance, Miniature Market transformed into a data-driven company, streamlining daily operations and enabling data-driven decision-making. PenPath’s dashboards facilitated the segmentation of performance metrics for customer acquisition campaigns.

Monthly success meetings and PenPath’s Profit Acceleration Program helped Miniature Market establish a robust measurement strategy and optimize workflows to meet KPI targets.

+22% year-over-year (YoY) increase in New Customer Acquisition

Miniature Market achieved its annual revenue target, with a remarkable 22% YoY increase in new customer acquisition.

14.8× ROAS

After the acquisition, Miniature Market and its new investors relied on PenPath for insight into how to scale. Thanks to real-time reporting, Miniature Market successfully identified and scaled its top-performing campaigns, resulting in an outstanding 14.8× ROAS.

Reached EOY revenue targets & expanded the audience reach

Miniature Market was able to reach their end-of-year (EOY) revenue target for the year which empowered the Director of Marketing to justify and secure a larger budget for the next quarter. This expanded budget would facilitate the brand's outreach to new audiences. With a substantial increase in spending, the challenge was to sustain a minimum ROAS across all advertising platforms. By utilizing real-time dashboards and automated alters the Paid Media Manager was able to sustain the minimum ROAS across all paid media platforms.

No time spent in Google Analytics 4

The marketing team at Miniature Market no longer wastes valuable time navigating Google Analytics 4. Instead, they easily conduct analysis in PenPath’s user-friendly dashboards. PenPath dashboard pulls all of the data from Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 and further enriches the data with PenPath’s data attribution. This centralized and continuous experience eliminates challenges many faced in the transition to Google Analytics 4 transition.

“I highly recommend Pen Path to anyone who is looking for a powerful and user-friendly data analytics platform.”

Lamonta CottonPaid Media Specialist, Miniature Market

About Miniature Market

Miniature Market is a leading online gaming superstore that caters to enthusiasts of various tabletop games, including board games, trading card games, role-playing games (RPGs), and miniatures. Whether you’re a fan of board games, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, or other tabletop games, Miniature Market has you covered with their extensive inventory. With their dedication to customer satisfaction and a comprehensive range of gaming products, Miniature Market has become a trusted destination for gamers of all types.

“The customer service at PenPath is second to none. You truly understand the importance of building a partnership and working with a team.”

Christina SmithVP of Strategic Sourcing & Customer Experience, Miniature Market