Technology Led to $300K+ in IT Savings

When attempting to bring reporting in-house


Boveda performed manual and time-consuming weekly reporting on performance across all it’s channels (i.e. Facebook Ads, Amazon, Google Ads, etc.). The use of spreadsheets and the lack of internal data experts created issues with data visibility, data reliability, potential for blind spots, and increased workload that hindered their decision-making processes.

To address these challenges, Boveda realized the need to eliminate the inefficiencies associated with manual reporting and building an internal data infrastructure projects aimed at understanding performance data. This is where PenPath proved invaluable, offering an all-in-one e-commerce and marketing data analytics platform that seamlessly integrated data from all of their channels and provide automatic reporting.


  1. Set up automated reports to accelerate & automate communication
  2. Address custom reporting needs and use cases
  3. Lower costs on expensive internal IT overhead


PenPath transformed Boveda’s reporting process, streamlining it and enhancing data visibility. Automation capabilities reduced Boveda’s workload, freeing up time and resources for strategic decision-making. With PenPath’s assistance, Boveda achieved efficient reporting, improved data analysis, and greater focus on driving impactful outcomes.

15+ Hours Saved per Month

By automating manual reporting tasks, Boveda's E-commerce & Marketplaces Analytics Manager now saves over 15 hours every month. The time previously spent on manual reporting can now be allocated to more strategic initiatives and analysis.

$300K+ in Internal IT Overhead Savings

PenPath's comprehensive dashboards seamlessly connect to relevant platform data sources and provide real-time reporting on company-wide key performance indicators (KPIs). This eliminated the need for extensive internal IT reporting projects and incurred an estimated cost savings of $300K+ in overhead IT expenses.

Data-Oriented Mindset in the Organization

Since adopting PenPath's dashboard, Boveda has undergone a cultural transformation into a data-driven company. The Brand dashboard is now an integral part of their daily operations. The simplicity and clarity of PenPath's dashboards have significantly reduced noise and mental clutter, enabling the team to focus on valuable insights and data-driven decision-making.

Refined measurement strategy

Through ongoing monthly 1:1 success meetings under expert guidance and PenPath's profit acceleration program, Boveda has established a robust measurement strategy and optimized workflows so their team can continue to scale and reach company KPI targets.

PenPath has been pivotal in helping us become data-driven. What stands out to us is their support.

Reed StovenHead of E-Commerce Sales, Boveda

About Boveda

Founded in 1997, Boveda Inc. is the global leader in 2-way humidity control for a multitude of industries and applications. Boveda’s patented products allow companies and end-users to preserve moisture-sensitive products over extended periods of time with zero maintenance. Various Boveda RH (relative humidity) levels are currently used in premium tobacco, musical instrument, medical device, food, electronic and herbal medicine markets.