Insights Led to 140% Sales Growth in 6 Months

After 4 years of failed reporting attempts


The DB Method faced a problem of over-reliance on Facebook advertising, leaving them vulnerable to sudden changes in performance. They needed to diversify their ad budget across multiple platforms.

However, this created a new problem as they struggled to centralize their paid media performance visualization, and the process of doing so manually was time-consuming and delivered weak insights.

To address these challenges, The DB Method required a robust platform that could automatically drill down and surface growth opportunities, and this is where PenPath came in.


  1. Improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
  2. Diversify from reliance on a single platform for advertising, Facebook, and try other channels to increase salesĀ 


With the help of PenPath, The DB Method was able to measure their budget performance across new platforms like TikTok and Pinterest, optimize their campaigns based on data-driven insights, and reduce wasteful spending.

Automated 15 monthly reporting hours

Automating reporting tasks freed up time for The DB Method's marketing manager to focus on optimizing campaign performance and creative, resulting in more efficient and effective marketing strategies.

LTV/CAC Ratio increased by 11.5%

By unifying spending across multiple platforms, PenPath was able to provide a more accurate calculation of customer acquisition cost (CAC), which led to the implementation of new initiatives aimed at upselling and cross-selling customers, ultimately improving customer lifetime value (LTV) and the LTV:CAC ratio.

Increases Total Sales by 140%

With PenPath's help, The DB Method gained valuable insights into what was working across various campaigns, audiences, and creatives. Conducting AB tests across different platforms provided greater clarity and resulted in massive sales uptick.

ROAS increased by 60%

The increased clarity provided led to greater budget diversification, more testing, and ultimately, improved ROAS across TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit, and Facebook.