Founded in 1880 by Joseph Otten as the St. Louis Choral Society, the St. Louis Symphony is the second-oldest professional symphony orchestra in the United States, preceded only by the New York Philharmonic. The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (SLSO) is a treasured institution in St. Louis and continues to have a massive impact in the region’s arts community.

SLSO needed to understand their digital advertising performances more clearly and faster. PenPath was able to centralize all their advertising data, clean it, blend it, and provide actionable insights their team could rely on.

Decision makers could now rely on their data-driven decisions now being able to reach their goals more easily.

SLSO can now rely on best-in-class business intelligence (BI) technologies to help answer their business questions. “We’ve become an organization that leads with data” says Estes, “We needed to allocate our budgets based on what was working. As a nonprofit organization, we didn’t have the time before PenPath to keep up with all the numbers to the degree we knew we needed to.”

Questions SLSO typically asks from their dashboards:

  • Which marketing efforts are driving the most sales?
  • How are various concert series and subscriptions performing compared to last year
  • How do average transaction values very across marketing channels?
  • What kind of influence does engagement have with repeat customers?

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