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Understanding BASELINE for Your Business in the Realm of Marketing

By Ecommerce Analytics, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics No Comments

What is baseline… in terms of business metrics for marketing? If your baseline is the starting or normal level of performance for your company, you can actually leverage it for marketing insights. By knowing where you stand at the outset, you can set realistic goals and monitor progress. This makes it much easier to identify any significant deviations or improvements.

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Google Analytics 4: Historical Data and Data Retention Concerns

By Ecommerce Analytics, Marketing Analytics No Comments

“With growing concerns circulating the upcoming Universal Analytics sunset on July 1st, companies must turn to external sources to preserve their business insights and data. GA4 reaps a variety of changes that businesses, and platforms themselves must adapt to. This may largely affect a business’s data timelines, comparisons, and expiration dates, making insights such as those in sales and marketing more difficult to accurately pinpoint or access.”

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