Try PenPath’s Proven Dashboards With Your Own Data

  • Start pulling data from your data sources in minutes
  • Showcase how you could automate your reporting workflow
  • See how easy it is to visualize powerful insights
Test Drive On Your Own Data

Here’s what you’ll get when Test-Driving PenPath’s Marketing Intelligence Solutions

  • Connect from a list of marketing’s most popular data sources
  • See your data visualized in one of PenPath’s Proven Dashboards
  • Understand how to customize and integrate all your platforms
  • Experience data-driven automated insights

Rather than explaining to you how you can become more data-driven, see it for yourself. Using your own data, understand the power of an end-to-end BI solution specifically designed to help marketing teams make optimized decisions.

Business intelligence marketing dashboard

Companies trust PenPath with their data-driven initiatives