Marketing Analytics Software: Prove ROI To Management

marketing analytics software

Marketing Analytics Software: Prove ROI To Management

As a marketer, you know it’s important to use tools that bring results. Marketers use hundreds of tools and at the end of the day it’s up to you to prove value. 

How do you do this when it comes to marketing analytics software? 

If you’re on this blog, you’re already considering marketing analytics software for your company and know why it’s important to have it in place. 

You’ve already thought of reasons your company needs it. 

But how do you show your boss it’s worth paying for again and again? What questions should your marketing analytics software be able to answer? 

Here’s 3 ideas on how to do just that: 

  • Solving Company Pain Points
  • Having A Good Track Record
  • Helping The Team Work Smoothly

1. Your Marketing Analytics Software Solves Company Pain Points

This is the #1 way your marketing analytics software can provide value to your boss and company. 

Think about the reasons you decided to get a marketing analytics software in the first place. Data management, analysis and warehousing problems are not new, but every company’s needs are different. 

What was the turning point that made you say you needed an analytics solution for marketing? 

For a lot of companies, CRMs such as Salesforce and tools like Excel work just fine. But a marketing analytics software is key to establishing a solid marketing data strategy. 

Did the software address those pain points? Are there people on the other side to talk to if you run into problems and do they remember your company or are you just another face? 

These are the points that come up when it’s time to renew your marketing analytics software contract. 

If they don’t address your pain points or fall short in doing so, are they willing to work with you until they can? 

Attitude and willingness to make an effort are just as important to a company. 

Let’s take a look at the next way you can show your boss your marketing analytics software is providing results. 

marketing analytics softwareDoes your software solve moments like these?

2. Your Marketing Analytics Software Has A Good Track Record

Building a track record is important for any new marketing analytics software. As you start using the software, what highs and lows did you record while using it? 

Hopefully, there were more highs than lows. Were there moments where you thanked your good sense you bought this software? 

A marker of a solid marketing analytics software is little moments like this: moments where you or your team would’ve really been in trouble or missed a deadline had it not been the software making work faster or easier. 

Something else to look at is the learning curve. Was this software simple for end users to learn? 

Sometimes even if the software does work well, it can be a headache if it takes time to get everyone on board and ready to use it. 

This is where the company should’ve come in: did they have an online tutorial that was easy to follow? Did they have ‘how-to’ buttons in the software itself? Sometimes companies also have a consultant help employees over the phone or video. 

Every step of the process, including the onboarding, should count towards this track record as well. 

Ultimately, both the company and software should be easy to work with. 

The next point is about what effect this will have on your team as a whole. 

3. Your Marketing Analytics Software Helps The Team Work Better 

One of the main reasons for implementing marketing analytics software is that the current members of the team have too much on their plate to manage it, or don’t have the skills to

There’s nothing worse than an employee struggling to manage the data part of marketing whilst managing all of the other tasks that come with being a digital marketer. 

Part of having a dedicated team devoted to your company’s data means that it not only gives your team more time to do their work, but also reduces their stress levels. 

Even though this is a “softer” point, it’s something upper management would want to see. 

In the long term, this means that employees are less likely to leave “boring” jobs when they know management is working on being innovative and making complex tasks painless. 

Knowing that there are experts who are handling the marketing data strategy absolves your employees of advanced data jobs they can’t do on their own (or should do, as a marketer). 

A good marketing analytics solution can even leave employees feeling that it’s “fun” to work with data, instead of being overwhelmed about what to do and how to do it. 

marketing analytics software

Teamwork makes the dream work!

PenPath Is Here To Help With Your Advanced Marketing Data Needs

At PenPath, we specialize in marketing data intelligence. If you’re a forward thinker and looking at how to prove the ROI of your marketing analytics software before buying it, we commend you!

If you already have a marketing data solution but are maybe not sure about whether it’s working for you, this article is for you as well. 

We’re open to helping companies improve their marketing data strategy, and to prove that we’re offering a free consultation so our experts can take a look at your data. 

We’ll also give you tips for improvement and offer options to make your marketing data strategy even better. 

Data in marketing is here to stay, and marketers who are proactive about it will be successful in the long run. 

Good luck! 

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