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blending sales and web data part 1
Feb 26 2020

Collecting Web + Sales Data For B2B Marketing Insights!

Sales and Website data are two of the most important pieces in the Digital Marketing puzzle. Although most B2B marketers have this data siloed, we’re going to see how we can blend it for a fuller picture of your marketing efforts!

Let’s first take a look at common definitions in Sales/Website Data and where you can find them in your marketing platforms.

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Feb 16 2020

CLV:CAC – An Analytics Refresher For Data-Driven Marketers

At PenPath, we want marketers to understand important metric definitions, where to find common metrics, as well as how they can be combined to yield powerful insights. 

In our last article, we talked about where to find Ad Cost & Website Session Data on platforms such as Paid Search and Youtube Ads. Now, we’re going to see how we can bring it together on our dashboard with unique calculated metrics. 

First though, let’s take a look at the calculated metrics we’ve done and how far we’ve come in our analytics journey. 

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Jan 27 2020

Combining Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) In Digital Marketing

In the “Measuring Metrics That Matter” series, we’ve learned where to find important metrics in marketing platforms. 

We also learned that it’s possible to calculate new metrics and visualizations, such as CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) from these previous metrics.

In this article, we’re going to be exploring how we can visualize another important formula – Return On Ad Spend – which is possible across all platforms through holistic data. Take a look at our last article to see which metrics make up this calculated metric. 

Here are the topics to cover today:

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marketing analytics software
Nov 08 2019

Marketing Analytics Software: Prove ROI To Management

A marketers’ technology stack is complex. One piece of marketing technology that can get particularly complicated is marketing analytics.

So how do you find the best marketing analytics solution for your business and how do you then get internal buy-in?

Here are 3 ideas on how to get internal buy-in when upgrading your marketing analytics stack: 

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Oct 01 2019

The Martech (Marketing Technology) Boom – And Staying Updated In This Digital Age

It’s officially the end of marketing, says Marie-Gulin Merle, the CMO of Calvin Klein and Chief Digital Officer of PVH. 

How come? Well, marketing is becoming more and more “MarTech”, or marketing technology. Before, digital marketing and traditional marketing were considered separate. Now, there’s been a mindset shift where involving advanced technology and analytics is considered the norm. What is this shift – and how does it change marketing going forward? Read more to find out!

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data warehousing, marketing
Sep 15 2019

Applying Data Warehousing To Marketing Analytics: A Complete Overview

Do You Have A Data Problem?

Most marketers today do. With traditional and digital marketing becoming one, marketers are inundated with so much data. This includes web data (page views, clicks, signups), ad data (impressions, CPM, frequency, CPC), email data (open rate, unsubscribe rate, engagement) and more. 

This doesn’t include a CRM, which hosts information on all your prospects and leads, acting as the heavyweight in gathering all customer contact information. How can the average marketer create a complete blueprint of who their customer is and where they come from? 


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