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ETL and ELT service that connects all your marketing data to Tableau or Looker.

PenPath works and partners with the leading ETL and ELT providers to give marketing teams the ability to connect any of their data sources. PenPath then further models and blends data in order to visualize it in it’s intuitive Proven and Custom Dashboards.

What is ETL or ELT?

ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) is the process of extracting data from the data source, transforming data into designed format, and then loading it into the data warehouse. The purpose of ETL is to integrate scattered and messy data for further analysis and enterprise decision-making.

Different from ETL, ELT (Extract-Load-Transform) is to load the data into the data warehouse before transforming it. ELT is usually for NoSQL databases and has more power to process unstructured data.

Marketing Data Management, Integration, & Enhancement

PenPath is able to blend and model any marketing data making it more usable for advanced analysis. Cleaned data enables interactivity and cross-platform insights that would otherwise be too difficult for most marketers to manually create.

Data Pipeline Partners and Providers

PenPath’s partnership with has led to a game-changing solution that helps companies tell a story with their data and keep a pulse on the business. As a marketing ETL vendor, excels at providing automated data sets from a variety of marketing channels. However, our clients often struggled with visualizing the data and pulling insights. Our partnership with PenPath has removed that challenge. PenPath's team are experts when it comes to weaving together data sets to answer the critical questions for your business.

Anamika SethiCo-Founder, Improvado

Working with the PenPath Team has been a wonderful extension to our service offering here at Improvado. Here at Improvado we specialize in data pipelines and aggregation. With the help of PenPath, we can partner with them to leverage their domain expertise in marketing analytics and give our customers a full-service approach. They help our customers to bring marketing data to life by building dashboards that highlight critical business questions. The PenPath team is a powerhouse to work with and really understands how to uncover revenue driving opportunities with data.

Ali QuigleyCo-founder, Sales at Improvado