Clean, Intuitive Google Analytics 4 Dashboards for Ecommerce Brands.


Interactive and Customizable GA4 Dashboards

Designed for simplicity and precision, PenPath offers an intuitive platform that can connect, enrich, and visualize your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) data. As GA4 supersedes Universal Analytics, PenPath empowers ecommerce professionals with an effortless approach to data interpretation and decision-making.

Daily Data Refresh: No more spreadsheets or data downloads. PenPath’s platform provides fresh insights, updated daily on your personalized dashboard.

Multi-Account Management: Juggling multiple sites or brands is simplified with PenPath. Our platform seamlessly connects to an unlimited number of GA4 accounts, aggregating and presenting data for your easy reference.

Data Enrichment: PenPath doesn’t merely compile your data; it enhances it. We clean up attribution and offer unique metrics not available in GA4 alone, like Ecommerce Revenue Conversion Rate and revenue per session.

Holistic Data Integration: PenPath goes beyond GA4, combining it with other ecommerce data to provide a complete understanding of your business.

Simplify your GA4 experience with PenPath’s comprehensive platform designed to connect, visualize, and enrich your data. Uncover your business’s full potential with PenPath today.

Simple GA4 Dashboard Set Up

Connect GA4 In Seconds

Easily authenticate all your accounts. With just a couple of clicks, PenPath pulls in all the data you need to see your growth insights.

All your GA4 data but better.

PenPath pulls in historical data and enriches the data with advanced data models and new metrics that aren't available natively.

Intuitive, yet powerful

Understand your website funnel in seconds. PenPath's GA4 dashboards allow for intuitive, customizable, and interactive experiences.

For Data-Driven Ecommerce Brands

Understand visitor acquisition, purchase behavior, attribution, and revenue performance. Designed for growth-focused decision-makers.

Combine All Your Sales & Marketing Data Sources


Google Analytics: Examples of Data-Source Blends

  • Google Ads to make sure your key campaigns are actually paying off
  • Facebook Ads to highlight your top-performing social campaigns
  • YouTube to track your video efforts as part of your strategic mix

Google Analytics: Examples of Business Insights

  • How each source of traffic is hitting your business objectives
  • Why some digital users have higher conversion rates than others
  • Which sales peaks you could replicate in the future

All your Google Analytics data within leading BI Platforms: Tableau or Looker


See All Your Data

PenPath partners with top ETL and ELT providers to connect virtually any data source to your dashboards and reports

Trust Your Data

Getting data is just the start. Making it clean and trustworthy is where PenPath excels. We transform, model and blend data to fit your needs.

Act on Your Data

PenPath is focused on your success. We work with fast-growing brands and Fortune 500 leaders to showcase insights and prioritize actions.

Leverage Hundreds of Sales & Marketing Data Sources

Data Access, Security & Governance

PenPath has strategic partnerships that gives you access to a valuable pipeline of data — automated, secure and aligned to your data governance policies. Imagine finally having all your marketing data available to you. PenPath works with its ETL and ELT partners to ensure marketing teams can succeed in their goals.


Trusted by Leading Brands

PenPath saved our reporting team countless hours of work every week. We can now get the data we need cleaned and into our Tableau dashboards.

Richard KochDirector of Marketing, Mallory

PenPath’s partnership with has led to a game-changing solution that helps companies tell a story with their data and keep a pulse on the business. As a marketing ETL vendor, excels at providing automated data sets from a variety of marketing channels. However, our clients often struggled with visualizing the data and pulling insights. Our partnership with PenPath has removed that challenge. PenPath's team are experts when it comes to weaving together data sets to answer the critical questions for your business.

Anamika SethiCo-Founder, Improvado

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