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Nov 19 2019

Data Visualization Championships: Tableau Vs. Current Marketing Analysis Software

Welcome to the Data Visualization Championships!

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly used ones in marketing. Data Visualization tools are used to see data in a meaningful way that makes it easier for robust decision-making. We’ll discuss their pros and cons, and judge them from a data visualization and analysis standpoint.

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Oct 22 2019

Upgrading From Google Analytics: When Should You Do It?

For many marketers, whether or not to spend a lot of money and energy on marketing analytics tools is a main concern. Forbes shows although Martech budgets are increasing, there’s yet to be clarity about what solutions actually accomplish. 

Knowing intermediate and advanced capabilities in Google Analytics, Tag Manager, or custom Excel reports is enough to feel accomplished. But there’s an entire world of opportunities for those brave enough to venture out of the normal analytics stack.

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Sep 05 2019

Drool-Worthy Tableau Dashboards: Explore Marketing Analytics Visualizations And See What A Custom One Looks Like!

Marketers today have a hard job- not only do they have to look at data from different sources, but also do that for each step of the marketing funnel. A typical day in a marketer’s job might involve looking at Salesforce for lead attribution, pulling up some Excel sheets to fill in data gaps, and using Google Analytics for website analysis. 

Combining traditional marketing efforts with digital marketing tactics is the new normal. This doesn’t include making campaigns, raising brand awareness through webinars, lead pages and so much more!

This is where Tableau comes in. Let’s look at how it can aid in key marketing stages.

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