Connect CSV Browser Upload API to any business intelligence Tableau or Looker dashboard

Connect CSV Browser Upload data to any BI dashboard or report

PenPath saved our reporting team countless hours of work every week. We can now get the data we need cleaned and into our Tableau dashboards.

Rick KochDirector of Marketing, Wise Safety & Environmental

Easily Access Insights in Your CSV Browser Upload Data With PenPath

PenPath offers marketers and analysts the technology needed to connect to the CSV Browser Upload and extract clean and workable data in order to measure performance and build custom dashboards or reports.

PenPath automates the transformation process from raw data to meaningful insights. To offer the most granular level of data available, PenPath has partnered with leading ETL and ELT providers giving its customers access to hundreds of data source connections in addition to the CSV Browser Upload with clean and workable data requiring no technical skills. 

Marketing leaders and analysts can now access essential KPIs available within CSV Browser Upload and hundreds of other platforms in a more user-friendly and automate reporting workflow.

Combine All Your Sales & Marketing Data Sources


CSV Browser Upload: Examples of Data-Source Blends

  • Google Analytics for a strategic understanding of your digital channels
  • Instagram for the influence that social media has on your business
  • Hubspot for how automated marketing supports your larger initiatives

CSV Browser Upload: Examples of Business Insights

  • Where the worst pain points are in your customer journey
  • Which initiatives are exceeding expectations — and which aren’t
  • How you can leverage these data sources to achieve your targets

Providing the technology & services required to visualize CSV Browser Upload data in leading BI platforms like Tableau & Looker


See All Your Data

PenPath partners with top ETL and ELT providers to connect virtually any data source to your dashboards and reports

Trust Your Data

Getting data is just the start. Making it clean and trustworthy is where PenPath excels. We transform, model and blend data to fit your needs.

Act on Your Data

PenPath is focused on your success. We work with fast-growing brands and Fortune 500 leaders to showcase insights and prioritize actions.

Leverage Hundreds of Sales & Marketing Data Sources

Data Access, Security & Governance

PenPath has strategic partnerships that gives you access to a valuable pipeline of data — automated, secure and aligned to your data governance policies. Imagine finally having all your marketing data available to you. PenPath works with its ETL and ELT partners to ensure marketing teams can succeed in their goals.

Data Pipeline Partners & Providers

PenPath’s partnership with has led to a game-changing solution that helps companies tell a story with their data and keep a pulse on the business. As a marketing ETL vendor, excels at providing automated data sets from a variety of marketing channels. However, our clients often struggled with visualizing the data and pulling insights. Our partnership with PenPath has removed that challenge. PenPath's team are experts when it comes to weaving together data sets to answer the critical questions for your business.

Anamika SethiCo-Founder, Improvado

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