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Sep 15 2019

Applying Data Warehousing To Marketing Analytics: A Complete Overview

Do You Have A Data Problem?

Most marketers today do. With traditional and digital marketing becoming one, marketers are inundated with so much data. This includes web data (page views, clicks, signups), ad data (impressions, CPM, frequency, CPC), email data (open rate, unsubscribe rate, engagement) and more. 

This doesn’t include a CRM, which hosts information on all your prospects and leads, acting as the heavyweight in gathering all customer contact information. How can the average marketer create a complete blueprint of who their customer is and where they come from? 


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Sep 11 2019

Beyond Google Analytics: 3 Ways Marketing Data Analysis is Transforming How Marketers Work

Digital marketers have been manually gathering data for ages, but until now haven’t done much with it. Google Analytics, a traditional digital analytics software, has been around since 2005, but it wasn’t until recent years as e-commerce went social and mobile that using technology to analyze data not only became a trend but a necessity.

Because of this, many leaders are still unsure how to use data analysis in their marketing strategy. No, really.

In fact, 62% of executives still rely more on experience and advice to make decisions, instead of looking at their own data. Why is that? 

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Sep 05 2019

Drool-Worthy Tableau Dashboards: Explore Marketing Analytics Visualizations And See What A Custom One Looks Like!

Marketers today have a hard job- not only do they have to look at data from different sources, but also do that for each step of the marketing funnel. A typical day in a marketer’s job might involve looking at Salesforce for lead attribution, pulling up some Excel sheets to fill in data gaps, and using Google Analytics for website analysis. 

Combining traditional marketing efforts with digital marketing tactics is the new normal. This doesn’t include making campaigns, raising brand awareness through webinars, lead pages and so much more!

This is where Tableau comes in. Let’s look at how it can aid in key marketing stages.

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May 31 2017

Top 5 Skills To Look For In Digital Marketers

Many people without a background in Digital Marketing are trying to break into this demanding field and recruiters are bombarded with resumes from unqualified people. How do you separate the cream from the crop and decipher which people actually know the industry?...

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Jan 20 2017

What is a Facebook Pixel? Overview Explained in 5 Minutes or Less

If you're new to Facebook advertising, the first thing you need to learn is how the Facebook Pixel works. Facebook Pixel is the technology that communicates between your Facebook Ad Account and your website(s). This allows you to gain data from your traffic/users so you can retarget, building audiences, tracking conversions, and optimizing your sales funnel. ...

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