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Why Shopify Makes Sense for DTC Businesses 

Shopify is an end-to-end cloud-based ecommerce platform. It’s ease of use and affordable price points have made it the go-to platform for DTC brands. 

For as little as $29 a month, Shopify lets brands get started and scale their online store to meet enterprise requirements with Shopifyplus. Yet, when marketers need to understand how their business is performing they need more than what Shopify provides out of the box. 

DTC brands need to integrate data from all their data sources to increase business performance. In this post, we’re going to cover how DTC Brands can accelerate growth with a custom Shopify dashboard that offers much more than what’s available in the Shopify interface.

Shopifying on Your Own

Let’s review some of the standard metrics and features included in your Shopify subscription. 

First and foremost, total sales and orders, displayed with an overtime line chart (today vs. yesterday), percent change, and the breakdown by channel. Naturally, you’ll also want to know what your top product is by units sold, including percent change. 

Your best customers are repeat customers, and your repeat customer rate is plotted in a handy area chart (first time vs. returning). And are those customers and sales attributable to your marketing campaigns? Shopify’s overtime line charts make that easy to deduce.

How PenPath Enhances Shopify Data

But enough about what Shopify has to offer, let’s talk about what functionality PenPath has in Shopify Overview Dashboards that Shopify alone does not.

1. User-friendly Interface for Faster and Easier Insights 

While Shopify’s output consists of only plain text numbers and line charts, PenPath’s Shopify Overview Dashboard affords you colorful vivid charts and tables. Why is it cool? Such an interface makes gaining insights faster and easier for everybody, so no prior data analytics background is required.

Good news: you DO NOT need to be a data analyst to understand your data.

PenPath Shopify Dashboard

2. More Filtering Options for Better Business Decisions

Speaking of charts, PenPath features not only an overtime line chart, but also scatter plots, an overtime bar chart with breakdowns by product, and a searchable product list.

PathPath’s Shopify Overview Dashboard in general has more filtering options, drop-down selections than the standard Shopify dashboard, and is also more interactive and customizable to make drilling down the data a piece of cake. 

Instead of adding complexity to your data analysis, having more filtering and breakdown options in the dashboard simply helps you understand your data in more detail. This allows you to get specific insights and act upon them to achieve your business objectives.

Want to see your general sales trend? Easily! Want to filter that by product over a different time range? Of course! Want to see your most valued KPIs, like CAC or LTV, in relation to your best-selling products? You can do it with just one click.

PenPath Shopify Dashboard

3. Detailed KPI Overview and Comprehensive Product Insights

PenPath’s Shopify Overview Dashboard also features a detailed overview of your most relevant KPIs with month-over-month and year-over-year comparison, along with comprehensive product insights such as top-selling, most frequently purchased, and most frequently returned products.

PenPath Shopify dashboard

4. Customer Insights That You Need 

Why are some customers sticking around and some are not? What is your returning vs. new customer ratio? Where do your customers come from? What was the month over the last quarter that brought you the biggest amount of customers? Which of your products do your customers buy together?

With PenPath’s customer insights, as well as cohort and market basket analysis, we paint a vivid picture of your customers’ behavior and thereby the logic behind their actions that Shopify’s dashboard is missing.

PenPath Shopify Dashboard

If you are selling on Shopify and want to have a better grasp of your data to grow your business fast, let us build the perfect Shopify dashboard for your organization.

Contact PenPath today.


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