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5 Critical Social Media Tactics for Ecommerce Businesses

By October 8, 2021No Comments

In this video, Alex from PenPath breaks down 5 Critical Social Media ROI Tactics You SHOULD be leveraging if you’re marketing an ecommerce store to automate your workflows and maximize growth.

Remember that these tactics are for ORGANIC social media, not PAID social media. Both have completely different strategies. Use your social media data to understand what your customers respond well to and then create paid media tactics off of those learnings.

Tactic 1: Engagement Rate Over ROI

Focus on engagement and engagement rate rather than an ROI for individual social media posts. Posts that get high engagements should inspire your next ads.

Tactic 2: Track Social Media Activity

Focus on activity metrics. How frequently do you post?

Tactic 3: Group Social Content Performance

Focus on content category performance. Create social media content around categories. Measure the category as a whole performs rather than individual posts.

Tactic 4: Collaborations Are Key

Leverage collaborations. Collaborations are key. Try to schedule collabs and tag each other on your posts. Work with influencers in your industry and try doing some giveaways as they seem to perform very well.

Tactic 5: Ads Manager Over Boosting Posts

Never boost a post — always use your ads manager to promote content rather than boosting posts on Facebook. If you boost posts, you will make your organic social data dirty and inflated.

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